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Addressing the key challenges for truck and trailer manufacturers through value-added engineering and product life cycle management (PLM) solutions 

Challenges of Manufacturers

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What critical challenges do truck and trailer manufacturers face today?

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Value-added Solutions

Asset 302.pngWhich B-WI solutions address the challenges truck and trailer manufacturers face?      

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Customer Case Studies

Asset 301.pngHow has B-WI partnered with truck and trailer manufacturers to overcome these challenges? 

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Challenges faced by truck and trailer manufacturers

The commercial transport industry has embraced the technological disruption. As technology continues to advance and global environmental policies change, manufacturers in the truck and trailer domain need to innovate before they become obsolete. Some of the challenges that manufacturers in the transportation segment include:

  • Demand for innovation and adoption of advanced digital technologies
  • Need for better market penetration into high growth economies with modified product and pricing
  • Requirements for improved safety and less impact on the environment
  • Narrow profit margins due to fluctuating market dynamics and fuel prices 
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B-WI provides value added solutions to address these challenges

Manufacturers partner with B-WI to overcome these challenges through value-added engineering and product life cycle management solutions.Our proven solutions and methodologies facilitate faster time to market, enhance innovation and improve productivity. Our customer-centric approach enables manufacturers to:

  • Drive product innovation by accessing real time product intelligence and translating the voice of your customer to your product design through product life cycle management (PLM) and product development solutions
  • Overcome marketplace margin pressures and enhance your product pricing with value engineering and product cost optimization solutions
  • Position your products competitively in new markets by enabling your global teams to design anywhere and manufacture anywhere with engineering collaboration solutions
  • Improve response time for changing customer needs by empowering your engineering team with PLM, configure price quote (CPQ), design automation 
  • Accelerate the order-to-cash cycle by standardizing order management, better supplier collaboration and improved resource planning through enterprise resource planning (ERP) and integrating PLM with enterprise systems like CRM, SCM and ERP 
  • Improve customer experience by predictive maintenance, better warranty management and after sales service through advanced PLM solutions
  • Build flexible and scalable product teams that enable concurrent engineering to address the fluctuating market demands with extended engineering centers, Global engineering centers (GECs)
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B-WI's client success stories...

Read the engineering case studies

Learn how a leading truck manufacturer in North America, partnered with B-WI to supplement their product engineering with solutions including: 

  • Conceptual designs through R&D
  • Standardization and modularization of parts
  • Implementation of global design best practices
  • Standardization of engineering process
  • Material optimization and sourcing
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Read the PLM case studies

Learn how commercial vehicle manufactures around the world have partnered with B-WI for PLM solutions that enhanced their product development process through:

  • Automated design process and faster response 
  • Customized change management process
  • Advanced configurations for scalability and high availability  
  • Proactive monitoring through enhanced visibility on real time data
  • Enhanced multisite collaboration among global engineering users
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B-WI can conduct a maturity assessment of your products and processes

A holistic view and implementation of cost optimization practices is what gives companies competitive advantage over other competitors in their industry and ultimately creates industry leaders through increased profitability and optimized engineering.

Fill out the form on this page to request a consultation with B-WI experts. We will conduct a maturity assessment around your product management practices and highlight areas that you can target in your journey towards product cost optimization. 

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